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Why is your name fyeahORIGINALshipping when you post almost no originalshipping? Even your sidebar and background image isn't of originalshipping...

Because it sounds better than Namelessshipping and honestly I don’t care

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Hi, I was wondering if you knew of any Red and Green fanfiction or maybe even a comic where they might meet they're anime counterparts, but still the pairing is originalshipping. So far I've only found one really adorable one but it hasn't updated in a couple months. Thank you so much if you can help, also I loved your blog. Like seriously. I wish it was my baby

Hi, sorry to be late with this reply! I tend to forget about this blog in the midst of all my other internet activities orz but I’m afraid to say no, I don’t know of anything like that!

If any of you know of a fanfic like this (or have any fanfic recs at all, actually!) you should send a link to me via submit!

chiitan submitted

Kotone tricks two of her favourite trainers into playing the famous Pocky Game.

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So I'm just gonna pin this tab to my browser and re-read every page of this blog again and again because this blog is heaven and I'll even see if I can get you some submissions because I love this just letting you know, kthxbai bros -The lurker under the bridge



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Yeah can I just say that the very thought of this blog pleases me in a very fundamental way? Just wanted to pop in and tell you that I love you and could you post more because I've stalked through all of your archives, kthxbai. -Love, the friendly lurker under the bridge.

I will indeed post more anon 8) come out from under that bridge let’s party!!

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